Birthday Note.

  Happy Birthday Kex!   If i were a third person i would congratulate myself on surviving 2X years on planet earth! Afterall, within this short span of time, I have - overcome 5 heartbreaks, encountered countless disappointments, made crazy amount of...

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#JetSetKex in Bali – Tulamben Diving

Despite having an advanced diving license, i've only clocked less than 20 dives and hence, not too confident with my underwater skills. I was advised by a dive master friend to go Tulamben for diving instead of Crystal Bay in Nusa Dua because the currents tend to be...

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#JetSetKex in Bali – Sunset & Surf on Double Six Beach

The sunset was unreal. Forget the dirty beach, the view on Double Six beach was beyond amazing. It was the rainy season, but the clouds added a layer of dimension and colour to the picturesque view. And it changes, every day, at different times. How amazing is that?...

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