My 5 days in India Itinerary: Jaipur, Agra, Pushkar

I never knew Jaipur existed, till one fateful day when i was browsing through cheap flights on Scoot and chanced upon this peculiar destination filled with such exotic charm. For one, i've always wanted to go to India. It's a country which i've heard and...

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Birthday Note.

  Happy Birthday Kex!   If i were a third person i would congratulate myself on surviving 2X years on planet earth! Afterall, within this short span of time, I have - overcome 5 heartbreaks, encountered countless disappointments, made crazy amount of mistakes, spent...

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#JetSetKex in Bali – Tulamben Diving

Despite having an advanced diving license, i've only clocked less than 20 dives and hence, not too confident with my underwater skills. I was advised by a dive master friend to go Tulamben for diving instead of Crystal Bay in Nusa Dua because the currents tend to be...

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