“A triple threat wonder (good looks, good voice and good songwriting!) to keep an eye on!”

Kevin Matthews, TODAY Paper

Infectiously Poppy!

Chris Toh, TODAY Paper

A petite dynamic, Tay Ke Xin is a small girl with a big voice.

Since 19, she has been rapidly garnering a fan following in Singapore with her versatility from sweet jazz numbers, to high energy pop hits.

In less than 5 years, Kexin has made her mark on both local and international stages. Today, Kexin can be found singing at Switch by Timbre on every Monday and Thursday night.


In Dec 2012, Kexin released her first EP [Get Set, Go!], in which she penned songs of positivity and new beginnings. The pop album quickly topped Sg’s CD-Rama Regional Charts within the first week of sales. Power-pop single “Prove Myself” ranked 12th on MeRadio’s 2012 Top 20 Singles, and the song was later chosen as soundtrack for a Channel U primetime drama.


Dec 2013, Kexin was appointed asDavid Tao’s Concert World Tour backing vocalist and travelled with him to perform over 20 city states, including countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc.


Dec 2014, Kexin was awarded the “Breakthrough in Arts” Award by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at Youth Time 2014 , and was invited to participate in the Youth Time Dialogue 2014 with PM Lee and other Youths.


In 2015, Kexin emerged Top 10 in the Voice of China Singapore competition.


Kexin is currently a member of the biggest Asian Pop-rock Vocal Band “MICappella” and has been touring internationally. Most recently, the group released a cover song “Na Xie Nian De Xiao Xing Yun” which went viral and garnered over 1.7million views worldwide.


Apart from being a seasoned performer and bilingual event host, Kexin also started Sparkle Live Music, Singapore’s Premier live music provider for events and weddings.