EP Happenings!

[Get Set Go!] Esplanade Waterfront Performance
[Get Set Go!] Album Photoshoot Behind-the-scenes Part I
[Get Set Go!] Album Photoshoot Behind-the-scenes Part II
[Get Set Go!] Street-Busking
Inspiration behind “Someday You’ll Be”

Local Performances

Remember Dakota Crescent
Why you should hold your wedding at SEA Aquarium in Singapore
AJC Youth Dialogue with PM Lee Hsien Loong 2014
Regular Weekly Performances
Funkifize with Fungkimunkees @ Zalora Nights
Moonlight Harmony with Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra @ Esplanade Waterfront
Army Half-Marathon 2014
NAC Exxon-Mobil Concert in the Park 2014
SMU Chinese Orchestra Performance 2014
Budweiser Made for Music Guest Performance
Race the Dead 2013

SpringWave 2013/Entertainment Awards @ Gardens by the Bay
First Ticketed Showcase @ CrazyWorld Cafe
Sentosa Jazz by the Beach 2012
Stardust Alumnus Guest Performance
AJ Idol Alumnus Guest Judge and Performance
Taiwan SuperIdol Competition 2010

On-screen appearances

Ladyfirst Singapore, 女人我最大新加坡版
Ladyfirst Singapore, Starhub Awards Green Carpet 星和无线电视大奖
Interviewing English-irish boyband “The Wanted”
Toshiba Satellite Star Video Feature
Travel-hosting for Singtel in Bangkok, Thailand

David Tao [The Glamorous Life] World Tour 2013

DT Taipei Rehearsals, Apr
DT in Shanghai, 18May
DT in Nanjing, 1Jun
DT in Chengdu, 29Jun
DT in Macau, 20Jul
DT in Beijing, 7Sep
DT in Shenzhen, 1Oct
DT in Nanning, 1Nov
DT in Fuzhou, 15Nov
DT in Guangzhou, 14Dec
DT in Hong Kong, 21Dec
DT in Taiwan, 11Jan 2014
DT in Genting, 19Jan 2014
DT in Beijing, 13Sep 2014
DT in Dalian, 15Nov 2014

MICappella Performances & World Tours
It’s official, I’m now part of MICappella!
City Of London Festival 2015
[Towards The Future] with The Singapore Chinese Orchestra
Celebrity Chow with The New Paper

Sponsorships | Engagements
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Samsung Gear S
Hairvolution with J7Image
Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum 
NEA Eco Music Challenge 2014
World Voice Day & Strepsils The Right Note Campaign
Tocco Tenero Brand Ambassador 
Toshiba M840 laptop Brand Ambassador

Food-for-thought 🙂
Creativity and my “genius”
Perfection, or chasing unicorn?
ah.. to be 12 again

Youtube Series with Kexin
Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer Cover
Fix You – Coldplay Cover