Happy Birthday Kex!


If i were a third person i would congratulate myself on surviving 2X years on planet earth!
Afterall, within this short span of time, I have –
overcome 5 heartbreaks,
encountered countless disappointments,
made crazy amount of mistakes,
spent numerous sleepless nights worrying about my future,
cried buckets over insecurities,
and failed so many times in my life (exams, sporting competitions, singing competitions etc.) i stopped keeping track.

But you know what, i managed to stay in one piece. 🙂
And the best part is, many who saw me through all those life obstacles are still here today.
Isn’t that beautiful?
What would i be without my friends and family?

I’m an Aquarius and an ENFP.
A true free spirit;
i hate boundaries and crave freedom and creativity .
I’m very emotional and sensitive, sometimes a little too much and that can drive myself nuts.
But most of all, I’m a dreamer.
I live my life with a fire fueled by passion.
I may not know where i’m going but i know what i ache for,
and for that i am a blessed girl.
Not many people know what they want to do in their lives.

So yes, Kex.
As cliche as it sounds, here’s a gentle reminder that you are in the best place you could ever be.
And that where you are, is a result of the culmination of all the little decisions that you’ve made in your life.
And i think you’re doing a pretty job so far. 🙂
(Birthday self-affirmations are nice.)

So on my 2X birthday,
i wish for the strength and wisdom to Always Believe
in myself,
in love,
in improving,
in giving chances,
in spreading joy and kindness,
and in being a better person with each passing day.

Off to gorge on CNY goodies,
till next year.