We waited overnight for THIS to happen!!
Who knew that skydiving could be such a waiting game? We were scheduled to jump on Thursday morning, but ended up doing it on Friday afternoon…
More about the misadventures of #JetSetKex later!


Skydiving has always been on my bucket list and i drove 3 hours from Perth City, just so that i could make it to Jurien Bay for my virgin jump-off from a plane 14,000ft high!

The 3 hours scenic drive was a straight road down from Perth City along the coastline!

I was referred to Jurien Bay Skydive by a skydive instructor friend of mine and made advanced booking for the Mid-Week Special; AUD$400 for 14,000ft tandem + AUD$150 for Videos & Photos! It’s apparently a pretty good deal compared to the usual market rate.

You wouldn’t miss the sign! dscf0727

Poster girldscf0731


So the misadventure went something like this;

We were all strapped up and ready to head out, but news came about an hour later that the sky was too cloudy. We were advised not to jump as our faces would hurt from the water droplets during free-fall. 

Us lookin’ all excited before the long long wait…
Love to our soccer daddy Clarence who dropped us off at the skydive center and got himself some fishing rods!!

The morning flew by and after lunch, we were officially unable to jump due to heavy cloud cover.
We were given the option to either give up, go back to Perth City, or we could stay over for the night with compliments from the skydive center and try again for it the next morning.

Screw it #YOLO, we stayed overnight, hobo style. We had no change of clothes, no makeup, no nuthin’.

We decided to make a dash for the Pinnacles which was just 15mins away from Jurien Bay and scored some pretty stunning sunset views! 

The thug life might have chosen us but we rolled with it and we persevered till next morning, only to find that the weather was still shitty when we woke up.
We continued to wait till past lunchtime and when we saw no improvement, i decided to call it off and started loading our stuff into the car.

It’s true.
Sometimes things just come back to you when you don’t want it anymore.
As i was packing up, the receptionist ran out of center and shouted
“You can skydive now!! Do you wanna do it?!”

Holy moly Serena and i just went for it.
The rest is history.

As you can see from the start of the video, we weren’t exactly psyched before the jump. Now you know why.

The Jump 

The scariest part about the jump was watching people fly out of the plane before me.  

 But once i made it to the edge of the plane, it was pure exhilaration.
I had to hold my head up so i didn’t really have a chance to look down and scare myself.

Too far away from the ground, and too late to turn back! 

To be honest, the initial plunge was exhilarating, but the subsequent 10 seconds felt a little overwhelming for my little body to take. I wasn’t used to the strong gravitation pull on my body.


I learnt my lesson the hard way,
my fish face is forever imprinted in our virgin skydive video and photos. LOL.
I was finding it really hard to breathe through my nose when free-falling through the clouds.

This was the most enjoyable part of the entire experience!!
What an amazing feeling to have beauty at my feet!!

Much love for my instructor who was (acting) so enthusiastic about my jump even though he has personally done it a gazillion times.
He told me he would jump as many as 10 times a day on good days!

Much love also to Serena, for conquering the skies with me this year!

I’ve jumped,
now’s your turn!