The sunset was unreal.
Forget the dirty beach,
the view on Double Six beach was beyond amazing.

It was the rainy season,
but the clouds added a layer of dimension and colour to the picturesque view.
And it changes,
every day,
at different times.

How amazing is that?

We stayed at Grandma’s Plus Hotel,
which was only a 5 mins walk away from Double Six beach,
because we really wanted to surf during our stay in Seminyak.

So we hit the beach at around 4pm for the sunset surf,
and though the tide got a little stronger as night fell,
the currents were really manageable for beginners like us!

I’ve surfed twice before so i was more comfortable with riding the waves.
If it’s your first time, there’s really nothing much to worry about!
You can surf even if you can’t swim!
It’s so shallow that you can easily stand up when you lose your balance and fall.

Just stroll along the beach and you’ll find plenty of surfing coaches offering private lessons.
We had one instructor to two people for an hour at around 25sgd!

The entire beach front was lined with sea-facing restaurants, pubs and bars,
so it was easy to just snag a seat,
get comfy on the beanbags,
and chill out to Bintang, pub grub, live music
and what else but the sunset? 🙂

One thing to note though,
it really doesn’t matter which bar you go to along the strip,
the sunset view is all the same.
The difference was in the food served.

On the first day, we took a spot at D’Joglo Beach Bar because it was much emptier than La Plancha
though they were located right next to each other.
Turns out,
it was because La Plancha has WAYYY BETTER food options and quality.

We ordered chicken satay from D’Joglo and we got served chicken breast on sticks with peanut sauce.
Gosh, i’m not a foodie and even i thought it was horrible!
So yes, go to La Plancha,
even though it is jam-packed with tourists and there is a minimal spending when you take a bean bag.
The chargrilled seafood was honestly pretty good.

So go while your sunsets away at Double Six when in Seminyak.
Rmb to take time-lapse videos!