So.. why Pink?

Have you ever seen a city blanketed in a uniform terracotta pink?! 
It is in fact a ruling under the Maharajah since 1877, for all buildings within the walled historic centre to be painted pink. At that time, the Maharajah was eager to impress Prince Albert during his visit to India with the colour of hospitality.

Of course, after Prince Albert left, the Maharajah had no reason to keep the colour scheme… but he did, because of his favourite wife!¬†Till date, the law remains, leaving the city blushed with the queen’s favourite colour.

Hawal Mahal

Check out Jaipur on instagram and you’ll find pictures of this iconic honeycomb structure. It is in fact an extension of the City Palace filled with lattice windows. Women from the palace would be able to observe the city’s daily lives without being seen from the streets due to the windows’ unique angle.

Hawal Mahal also literally means “Palace of the Winds” because its construction allows constant air flow into palace, making it a very cooling place to rest, especially during summer!

This was our first stop before reaching the City Palace entrance. It was pretty hard to take a good shot though from bottom up.For the best view, you may want to head over to Wind View Cafe opposite! It has a balcony that allows you to take a shot of the Hawal Mahal from eye-level.

City Palace

This was where the Maharajah reigned from.
With an architectural fusion of Rajput, Mughal and European styles, it’s stunning beauty is a direct reflection of the lives of the royalties and riches.

What i loved about the palace was stepping into the the different private rooms that the Maharajah once resided. Each had a different theme and of course, lavishly adorned.

Amber Fort

Made of red and white sandstone, this fort was also built by a ruling emperor in the 16th century.
Words can’t describe its architectural beauty, i just gotta let the pictures do the talking!