Family means no one gets left behind 🙂

7Jun marks my parents’ 32 years of love,
as with many traditional parents, theirs is an understated but enduring love,
they are always there for each other, in sickness and in health,
living out the oath they took 32 years ago 🙂

In celebration of their union,
we tay daughters took them out for a good treat!

I’m no food blogger but the food from Tong Le Private Dining looks damn pretty good!
Situated at OUE Tower,
it’s a revolving restaurant with a panoramic view
looking out towards Marina Bay City Skyline 🙂
It serves traditional Chinese dishes which we thought our parents would appreciate.

We opted to go in the afternoon as it is much cheaper than the dinner course.
It was a 6 course delectable lunch which got us really full till nighttime
(i’m a small eater btw)..

Trilogy of Dim Sum 

Traditional Style Steamed Wild Soon Hock 
The cod fish was really rich and the toppings created a nice blend of flavour

Pan Seared Iberico Pork Roll with Assorted Mushroom
I’m not a meat lover, no exceptions for pork, 
so i wasn’t a fan of this dish.

Braised Scotland Bamboo Clam with Garlic 
served with Cripsy Beancurd Rice Roll
The left dish was vermicelli noodles paired with bamboo clam,
tasted rather plain as compared to its fantastic appearance i must say.
The right dish was just chee cheong fan fried to crispy texture,
not my favourite as well 🙁

Black Glutinous Rice with Soy Bean Pudding 
accompanied Egg Tart with Bird’s Nest 
I am a girl with a sweet tooth, and i could rave about this dessert dish all day! 
The black glutinous rice sat very nicely with the tauhuey at the bottom, 
and the coconut cream was just a cherry on top of the icing!
The bird’s nest egg tart also tasted like a pleasant surprise 
when i first bite into it 😀
Bird’s Nest Egg Tart 
A rich man’s egg tart! 
 Cappuccino with Sugar Crystals
We ended off the not-so-satisfying meal
with a great cup of coffee, would’ve been better if it comes with coffee art! 

The food wasn’t perfect in my opinion,
but again i’m no foodie,
and i thought what matters most was we had a great family bonding time 😀