Meet my 白马王子。
He is handsome, strong, and really good with his hands.

At the launch of the OSIM uLove 白马王子 massage chair.


The OSIM uLove Experience

I got to experience the OSIM uLove in a dark room at its launch and boy was it a treat!
He was doing his wingchun all over my body!
His touch, strong yet firm,
customised to my body shape and size!

Some things i noticed about the all-new OSIM uLove…

Immersive Audio System
The speakers are very strategically located within the intimate chamber where my head was placed.
Not only was the volume extremely comfortable,
the chamber acted as a surround sound space,
and allowed me to retreat into a deeper state of relaxation.

The music, which is also specially designed by OSIM, matches and enhanced the massage experience!
You can even choose to plug in your own playlist if you like!
Hey, i’m a music person,
and i think OSIM totally nailed it in that department.

V-hand Massage Technology
Let’s talk about the massage.

You know i’m a petite-sized girl,
and i’ve had problems with massage chairs simply because most were unable to actually detect my body,
therefore resulting in weak pressure applications.

i like it hard (hurhur) and i love that i was able to customise the massage intensities
at the shoulders, lower-back and butt!

it really felt almost like someone was giving me a massage.
Turns out, the secret to that is the V-hand 720 deg roller balls technology.
It emulates an agile hand-grip of a professional masseuse,
and rotates 360deg in both horizontal and vertical directions along the contours of the body!
All areas well-covered!

I have to say, i’m thoroughly impressed by OSIM’s ability to innovate,
and constantly improve the user experience with their massage chairs.
It just gets better every time!

What a beauty!
I don’t know about you,
but i like my man to be smart and HANDSOME.

Chrome details, quilting and perforation, the leather smell…
It ticks off all my boxes.

It also comes in 5 different colours;
dreamy white, dashing copper, handsome brown, charming red and gorgeous teal! 

For a limited time only, 
the OSIM uLove retails at a Special Preview Price of $4,999 (UP S$5,999)
& will be exclusively available from 20 June 2016.

OSIM uLove Preview Shops at
Tampines Mall #B1-05, Causeway point, #B1-37, Nex #03-05,
Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36) & Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter.

OSIM uLove Preview Roadshows at
Parkway Parade L3 & Suntec City L1 (20Jun-3Jul),
Causeway Point L1 (27Jun-3Jul),
Vivocity L1 (28Jun-4Jul)

Online at

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at