what a great week/weekend!

i usually don’t blog about my days in detail but this week was so fulfilling!
it really started on THURS,
when i kickstarted my piano lesson with Matt again.. 
busy practicing in the middle of the night 
loved Yoga 林宥嘉’s 想自由 so much that i decided to do a cover of it! 
my usual partner in crime Matt on keys,
he’s the man of ballads with feel!

Click to watch the youtube cover, 
you can also download the song on my facebook bandpage 

Met a couple of clients at one of my fav coffee hangout,
Habitat coffee at Upper Thomson Rd..
i always take-away the ice vanilla latte whenever i head over to 
Thunder Rock school for song-writing or recording.. 

Weekend brunch Eggs benedict and ice mocha for a weekday (:

Squeezed time for a run around the beautiful bedok reservoir,
which btw i heard the 8th person just died there -_-
Caught the most beautiful sunset along bedok reservoir..

Off to Switch for another rockin’ night..
i was told my ring can kill, so don’t even think of bullying me. seriously. haha

On FRIDAY,  I went to collect my Tocco Tenero Bag from Wisma Branch, 
it’s the last month of my brand ambassadorship,
and i got a super pretty & loud blood red piece (more on this in my next blog!)

Yes this was at my condo lift area, 
if you’re wondering why a noticeboard is behind..
i swear it has the best full length mirror!

Came night-time, had a great time at quarubar again with Matt..
I love friday nights seeing the regulars drop by, all having a good time chilling out,
and especially when they all go crazy singing along with me deep in the night, 
 like it’s a massive ktv session!

My good o’ uni friends from Arts Camp came! 
it’s feels great meeting/catching up with old friends, 
makes me feel so old seeing everyone out in society, working (:
These people are the most positive and energetic bunch i swear!

Us back in our uni days, we were the planners for Arts Camp O Week! 
we were once so young and free… 

Also had a special guest Mr Kenneth Lim at quarubar, 
singing probably one of my fav cantonese song, 海阔天空!

Thanks for the sweet usual dedications from regulars/friday peeps! 

SATURDAY was non-gig day! 
And i went on my first cable ski trip to Batam 
with Jocelyn who has been an avid cableskier for 10 years!
 The cable ski park was so chillax,
we spent an entire day there, i was getting face-planted half the time, 
it was sooo difficult getting off to a good start with cableskiing! 
 The rest of the time was spent chillaxing in the water, 
lazing on the sundecks,
enjoying the breeze and the music blasting..

The sundecks were really awesome!
Did i mention there was a trampoline?
I haven’t tried jumping on it since i was a kid, 
i was kinda surprised how fun it was and i was laughing like a small girl jumping about..
it was so fun!  

Thanks jocelyn for inviting us to Batam Cable Ski! 
Superb day ended with dinner at Madnest.. and it was madness good!! 

SUNDAY i was muscle-aching all over and kinda paralysed..
but work comes first! 
At Traders Hotel’s wedding fair with Sparkle Live Music! (: 

My lovely royal blue dress was sponsored by Love Bonito! 
My sis and I went down to their store for a massive shopping session previously..
Viola was so nice showing us all their collection,
 i can’t wait to share my loot with you guys in my next few blogposts! 

So those were the days of my life (: 
I hope every week can be as fulfilling as this!