A few months ago, the virgin tv-host me interviewed The Wanted

Next thing i know i was off to Bangkok for my first ever travel-hosting experience!!!

I felt like i was swept on a whirlwind of action over the 3 days in bkk,
thank god for SingTel Bridge DataRoam,
i was able to share my moments on all my social media platforms,
else i would have totally forgotten what had happened over those 3 crazy days!

Watch the webisode here!

Say hello to my adorable travel partner, Joanne Marie-Sim!
She’s been hosting TGIS for a while and it was really a joy having her around to kill time, 
especially in between scenes when we are waiting for the cameras to set up! 
DAY 1 began with an early morning flight to destination Bangkok!
Took a ride to our hotel upon touchdown!
And helllooo to my comfy bed at Aloft Hotel!

Comfort food next to fuel the rest of our hectic day at shoot! 
Though i was kinda disappointed it wasn’t the same 
tom yum goong and mango sticky rice i had at the old suan lum market…

Post-meal, all made-up and ready to go!

Some highlights of the trip 
You’ll probably see more footages on the show
but here are some of my fav moments during the 3 crazydays!

Khao San Street-market
The last time i was in bangkok was for work as well,
but i made sure i had the chance to hit the streets because seriously,
Bangkok is all about the street-side coconut ice-cream, teh-tarik and cheap eats/buys!!!
I was at the all-famous Chatuchak market the previous time, 
and this time, we took a stroll down Khao San Road! 
Welcome to Khao San, 
ang moh paradise ala Holland Village in Singapore.. 
I posted our picture on fb while making my way through the busy streets of Khao San,
and received a recommendation from a friend to make fake IDs!
so i continued along the streets to find… this!
hahah amazing!

Bargaining can sometimes really be a pain in the ass,

and i was surprised to find the Google Translate app so easy to use! 
All i did was to speak into the phone what i wanted to say, 
and it was translated into Thai almost instantly! 
Some shots taken along the streets.. 
RCA Go-karting
It was my 2nd time go-karting, first being when i was 12?
So it was fun to kart now that i’m actually a licensed driver, 
i knew how to test my speed limits!
The production crew member mounted some cameras on the kart
to capture our excited and adrenaline-filled faces haha

I must be the smallest-sized driver ever.
The suit could fit 2 of me, both horizontally and vertically, i swear!
Alright, maybe it’s not so bad? Karting chick much? lol
Come on everyone looks cool with a helmet!
All set and ready to go! 
Excuse our oily-matted hair, we needed to put on shower caps 
beneath the filthy helmets doused in thousands of karters’ sweat.
Yeah all pumped-up!
I admit i didn’t dare to bump into others fearing we’ll all crash spectacularly, F1 style, 
but later Leonard knocked into me and it was really like a bumper-car ride! 
I forgot i was actually driving at less than 50kmph hahaa oops..
Go-karting, success!

GraveYard Dining
I really don’t like to mess with the netherworld,
so this task was particularly creepy to me.
In auntie fashion, i was prepared with my own spiritual protection,
the crew also prayed to pay respects and avoid stepping on “anyones’ toes”.

The street-side dining area was actually a wall apart from the graveyard,
but we had to take a scene WITHIN the graveyard.
It was a path laid with grand tombstones on the sides,
i didn’t really dare to see them, i just kept talking to joanne,
we were even saying funny ghost stories to distract each other.

Both relieved to make out of that graveyard alive,
we proceeded to a wall apart for a superb meal!
Despite the dirty location with huge geckos on the wall,
this was really my best meal in bangkok for the trip!

Evidently, the roasted chicken wings were fab…

Bugs are nutritious, so they say..
I chewed a freaking maggot/silkworm/idontcarewassitcalledit’sGROSS
and i ain’t proud of it. 
It was this harmless-looking roadside stall,
and we decided to make a go for the out-of-the-ordinary. 
Afterall, what’s a travel documentary without some fear-factor eating challenge?

How about a platter for your gustatory pleasure?
 How much would it take for you to eat something like this?
Ok, these kinda looked like cockroaches,
they were the length of my finger,
and i was later told they are actually insects found in the water.. 
Whatever they are, i will not for the life of me put this thing in my mouth!!!

I think these are crickets, i’m not sure..
but no, still not for me…
ok maybe a million dollars will seal the deal..
I picked.. these. 
They are the least gross in my opinion, and honestly, they looked crunchy….
until i took a bite and was traumatized for the rest of the night 
because it turned out to be disgustingly chewy and soft!!!!

So grossed out i couldn’t have supper happily like the rest at the end of the night, 
cos i couldn’t get rid of that feeling in the mouth!! 
Most of my pictures were taken and edited on instagram, 
then instantly shared on my social media platforms!
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